Wednesday, December 3, 2014

THE SUNSETS ~ Animal / Uptight, Out Of Sight 7" (BRC 007) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 1967 SINGLE!

You think you’ve heard all the Australian 60’s punk 45’s? It’s all been issued, reissued and reissued again?

You’d be wrong. Happily wrong I suspect.

Whilst excavating through the Festival tape archive sourcing the tapes to bring you the Black Diamonds box sets our intrepid miners happily stumbled across this.

Two completely unreleased, undiscovered, undocumented Sunsets sides for scrapped single release.
May 1967 The Sunsets single “The Hot Generation” / “This Is What It’s All About” (Festival FK-1818) was issued to co-incide with the release of Australian surf film of the same name. Both songs being featured in the movie soundtrack.

The film was screened and scheduled for release was another single from The Sunsets, two more songs from the movie.

The Sunsets “Animal” / “Uptight, Out Of Sight” (Festival FK-1895) was scheduled and prepared to be released in August 1967. August 1967 came and went. No single. Nada, zilch, zippo!

Since then the sides have sat untouched in Festival tape vaults.

The Blank Recording Company has happily rectified the situation and righted this wrong presenting these two stellar sides as they were intended to be enjoyed. Black vinyl 45rpm sides.

First release in our swank new full colour Blank Recording Company house sleeve!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


abridged notes:

* Ten swell & highly sought after Australian seven inch singles spanning 1965-1969 reproduced from original master tapes & sporting original label art.
* Housed in swank clamshell type box
* Edition of strictly 500 #ed copies. That's all, y'all. No reprints.

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